About Us

Standing strong and tall on the robust pillars of intelligent experience of one generation and skillful business acumen of the next generation, Shivarth Projects, a commercial-spaces development & leasing firm, is the real-estate developer for all business-space needs in Ahmedabad. Providing finesse in the form of elegant workspaces, Shivarth Projects boasts of two world-class business centers –Shivarth Ambit and Shivarth The ACE, in Ahmedabad - the first UNESCO approved heritage city in India. With over 27 years of real estate market know-how and business ties, Shivarth Projects was established in the year of 2014 by Mr. Arjandas Bhatia. His son Amit Bhatia is now spearheading the firm. With a degree in entrepreneurial management from Babson College, Massachusetts, Amit joined the management of Shivarth Projects in 2014.

With a strict no-compromise- on-quality policy, Amit envisions making Shivarth Projects the first choice for an MNC’s office requirement. Our team has successfully executed the development and leasing out of the first project – Shivarth Ambit, to a Fortune 500 company.


To make Shivarth Projects synonymous with ELITE Business Spaces.


To be the first choice of leased out property for all corporate giants.

Our Story

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

- Winston Churchill

Arjan Bhatia has over 27 years of expertise in the field of real estate. With a humble beginning, he grew his business by burning the midnight oil. What started as a small venture of real estate consultancy, took the form of Manisha Enterprise with years of hard-work and goodwill earned from business associates.

As his business started to proliferate, so did his skillfulness at screening great real estate properties from the average ones for he had a keen mind and a visionary sight.

His son, Amit Bhatia, joined Shivarth Projects in 2014. With business acumen gained from Babson College, Massachusetts, Amit added up-to-date systems and a modern style to the business. The company has 15 employees under its roof today, with the marketing, finance, human resources and operations team functioning relentlessly to build next generation business spaces suited best for MNCs.

Our Founders

Arjan Bhatia

Has over 25 years of business knowledge and experience in the field of real estate and finance Aspires to build an empire in the form of Shivarth Projects Likes to learn from the wisdom and knowledge of elders.

Can be reached at arjanbhatia23@gmail.com

Manohar Bhatia

Has over 18 years of experience in finance and real estate. Aspires to achieve perfection in every endeavor. Loves to explore new places and learn from experiences.

Can be reached at meplbhatia@gmail.com

Amit BHatia

Has gained business acumen from Babson, Massachusetts.Looks up to Steve Jobs and believes in walking the talk. Aspires to streamline processes in the construction industry. Enjoys building concrete wonders from the blocks of ideas and creativity.

Can be reached at amitbhatia005@gmail.com